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Private Client Group

We have one agenda –


Clients trust us to grow and guard their hard-earned money. Our clients and their families, along with foundations, retirement plans and other organizations partner with us to meet their financial responsibilities and future goals. The Biondo Group, LLC provides asset management, investment advisory services, and insurance products – a range of services selected to lead to successful client goal attainment. Our focus is on you, for the long term.

Biondo Investment Advisors, LLC manages equity, balanced, and fixed- income portfolios based on your specific financial objectives. Your account risk tolerance, time horizon, and need for liquidity are the building blocks for a customized portfolio specific to your needs. Biondo Asset Management, LLC allows us to provide additional services for you to accomplish your financial goals. Biondo Wealth Services, LLC, an independent insurance provider, expands our product offerings to include immediate, fixed and variable annuities, term and permanent life insurance, and legacy planning. These additional services and products, along with our referral network, enable us to provide well rounded specific solutions for your individual financial and estate plans.

To learn more about our investment strategies and process click here or visit the Investment Strategies page.