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About Us

Founded as an independent investment management firm in 2004, our portfolio management team has been managing money since 1991. Drawing from our foundation of experience, we provide personalized solutions to achieve our client’s financial goals. Our firm is dedicated to a philosophy of outperforming the market.

Our core principles:

  • Dedication to providing clients with investment and insurance solutions tailored to their specific objectives
  • Belief that investment opportunities are based on individual companies, not the markets
  • Commitment to invest alongside our clients

The Biondo Group provides exceptional client relationships. We treat each client relationship as a partnership committed to the significant responsibility of investing for their financial well-being. Our investment approach is based on a deep understanding of the client’s financial goals in order to implement a plan that is easy to understand and consistently monitor. By remaining true to our investment approach we have achieved financial success for clients through various market cycles.


The Team

Our team’s experience and expertise provides a range of services usually available only through much larger institutions. Our people are passionately committed to developing and maintaining “partner” relationships with clients, and to the highest standards of personalized counsel and service.



Joseph R. Biondo

Founder, Senior Portfolio Manager


Joseph P. Biondo

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer,                               Portfolio Manager

KW sm


Karl A. Wagner III

Partner, Director of Business Development

SG sm


Scott A. Goginsky, CFA

Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager



Eugenia S. Pavek

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

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Genevieve C. Cornell

Vice President, Director Operations



Patrice M. Singleton

Director, Administration & Human Resources,                                             Chief Information Security Officer


Nancy L. Conklin

Director, Finance and Administrative Services

AB sm


Alexandra G. Bogusta, CIPM

Performance Analyst, Registered Associate

Kyle Clark


Kyle Clark

Business Development Associate

CD sm


Cynthia S. Day

Operations and Compliance Assistant

ND sm


Nicole Dutkus

Client Service Representative

JJ sm


Jennifer L. Jarvis

Portfolio Manager Assistant

LK sm


Linda M. Smith

Administrative Associate